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About us

Racism and prejudice towards minority groups exists across the globe. Many victims are people of faith who make up 84% of the world’s population. This hatred often comes from a lack of education, or having never met someone from another culture or faith. It also comes from having read false information online, which can inform prejudice towards another group.​

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

- Nelson Mandela

The Ground We Share was launched in 2018, to encourage educators and students to learn and teach using the voices of diverse local groups. 

The Ground We Share is an online educational platform that celebrates diversity, and challenges stereotypes, prejudices and misconceptions. Misconceptions of people from diverse faith and cultural backgrounds can fuel hate crime. The second part of TGWS is an online Hate Crime Course, which aims to raise awareness around hate crime, and encourage reporting.

The site was created in partnership with young people whose questions around faith and belief were responded to in a series of videos. These are divided into topics useful for RME classes. Students also have the option to ask questions to our experts and contributors. Or to book an interfaith panel event in your school, to ask our faith reps directly, email

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