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Awareness Course

There is a  serious concern about the growing levels of hate crimes in our modern society.

Hate crimes are perpetrated against people who are perceived to belong to a certain social group.

These groups are race, religion/belief, sexual orientation, transgender identity and disability.






Due to this concern a course has been designed with three main aims:

  1. To raise awareness of hate crime

  2. To encourage empathy with the victims of hate crime

  3. To encourage the reporting of hate crimes


The course has been designed for use in the RME curriculum but can be easily adapted for a youth group setting.

It includes activities, discussion questions, printed and video case study material highlighting examples of different hate crimes and how people have been affected by them.

It has a focus on religious hate crimes but includes hate crimes against all protected groups.

The course is estimated to take around 5 periods and includes individual lesson plans and materials. It is in line with RME outcomes 3 and 4. They are set out in the course descriptor.

In summary students are expected to develop an understanding of what constitutes a hate crime, to analyse its potential impact on society and evaluate responses to hate crimes. Students also learn to differentiate between hate speech and free speech. They are encouraged to reflect on the impact of the media on hate crimes and to consider appropriate solutions to hate crimes. 

Edinburgh Interfaith Association has developed this multimedia Hate Crime Awareness Course for schools in conjunction with Liberton High School, Edinburgh.

The Course materials are available for download via the button underneath.

(If you require editable materials, please get in touch via the Ask Us section of this website)

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