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Hate Crime &
Third Party Reporting

Did you know that Hate Crime is any criminal offence committed against an individual or property that is motivated by a person's hatred of someone because of his or her actual or perceived race, religion, transgender identity, sexual orientation or disability? Hate Crime is wrong, it is against the law, and everyone has the right to live safely and without fear. No two individuals are ever the same - embrace individuality and help put an end to Hate Crime by reporting it.

Third Party Reporting

In some cases victims/witnesses of Hate Crime do not feel comfortable reporting the matter directly to the Police and may be more comfortable reporting it to someone they are familiar with.

To ensure all victims/witnesses are able to report Hate Crimes, Police Scotland works in
partnership with a wide variety of partners who perform the role of 3rd Party Reporting
Centres. Staff within 3rd Party Reporting Centres have been trained to assist a victim or
witness in submitting a report to the police and can make such a report on the
victim/witnesses behalf.


Examples of 3rd Party Reporting Centres participating in the scheme range from Housing
Associations to Victim Support offices and Voluntary Groups.

You can report a hate crime by dialling 999 in an emergency or 101 in a non emergency situation.

Or in person at any police station, you can use this list to find your nearest reporting centre, alongside this form which allows you to make a complaint online.

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Reporting Hate Crimes through EIFA

Edinburgh Interfaith Association is an official Hate Crime Third Party Reporting Centre. 

To Third Party Report a Hate Crime please contact us by email at

We are located at:

Edinburgh Interfaith Association

18 W Mayfield

Edinburgh, EH9 1TQ

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